Greetings everyone, welcome to Yummy Oven. 

Here, I present a new recipe from my cookbook.

It is the yummy Fish Paturi in oven.

Yet another favourite dish of mine.

What is paturi?

This is a signature bengali delicacy,  a fillet of fish wrapped in a subtle mustard and green chilli paste, and steamed in a banana leaf.

We prepare paturi with various fish: 

Bhetki, Ilish/Hilsa, Basa etc.

We prepare various types of dishes with Bhetki fish.

Fish Fry,

Fish Butter Fry,

Chilli fish,

Fish Finger,

Paturi is one special dish out of them.

How to prepare fish paturi in traditional style? I will share the process with you.

Many of my friends have asked me to write about this recipe. 

Hence today I bring to you all, bhetki macher paturi wrapped in banana leaves.

It tastes really great, especially when served with hot plain steamed rice.

First thing which you will need is banana leaf.

But you can use aluminium foils or cabbage leaves or bottle gourd leaves, if you don’t have access to banana leaves.

This bhetki paturi recipe will become a family favourite in no time.

ভেটকি মাছের পাতুড়ি । Bhetki Paturi Recipe in Bengali Style। Bhetki Paturi with and without Banana leaves | Fish paturi aluminium foil | Bhetki paturi recipe in microwave | Fish paturi in oven


Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time: 15 mins

Serves: 3-4 people


Banana leaves/ Aluminium foil/ Cabbage leaves – equal to the number of pieces of fish fillet

Bhetki filet – 500 gms.

Lemon – 1 no’s

Vinegar – 1 tbsp. (optional – in place of lime juice)

Black mustard seeds – 50 gms 

Yellow mustard seeds – 50 gms

Green chilli – 7 to 8 nos

Curd – 3 tbsp.

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Coconut – 1 tbsp. (Optional)

Mustard oil – 10 tbsp.

Thread/toothpick – As required (To tie folded banana leaves)

Salt – According to taste.

Water – As required

How to cook Bhetki Paturi:

Processing the banana leaves:

1. Place the banana leaf on a hot flat tawa, now press the leaf with a cotton cloth. This process will help you to fold the leaves easily without breaking corners. Repeat this process for all banana leaves.

This prevents the banana leaves from breaking when later we fold the bhetki fish inside the banana leaf. 

Alternatively, you can soak the banana leaves in hot water with 1 teaspoon salt added to it and use them for wrapping the bhetki fish. You can store the leaves in a container in the fridge easily for 3 to 4 months after draining out the water. The leaves will stay fresh this way.

Marinating the Fish fillets:

1. Take about 500 gms of bhetki fish fillets in a plate. It will be about 15 pieces. 

2. Squeeze little lime juice on top of the fish fillets. Vinegar can also be used in place of lime juice.

3. Sprinkle salt over the fish as per your taste. A pinch of turmeric powder can also be added to the fish. 

4. Mix the salt and the fish together. And keep the mixture aside for 15 to 20 mins.

Preparing the spices:

1. Now take 50 gms black mustard seeds and 50 gms yellow mustard seeds in a container. 100 gms mustard (50g + 50g) should be sufficient for 500 gms fish. If you are preparing in larger or smaller amounts, adjust the mustard seeds quantity accordingly. 

2. Add water to the yellow and black mustard mix and let it soak for 15 to 20 mins.

3. After that filter out the excess water using a strainer. Pour the moist mustard in a mixing jar. 

4. Add 7-8 green chillies. You can adjust the number of green chillies based on your taste. 

5. Add salt as per your taste. Salt helps in suppressing the bitter taste of the mustard seeds. 

6.Add coconut (optional). Add a little bit of water and create a fine paste in the mixer. 

7. Pour the mustard paste into a big mixing bowl.

8. Add 3 tablespoon of curd. 

9. Add half teaspoon turmeric powder. 

10. Add 3 tablespoon mustard oil. Mustard oil is must for making bhetki paturi. 

Note: You can’t use any other oil. 

11. Mix everything well. 

No need to add any more salt since salt was added while creating the mustard paste.

Preparing the Bhetki Paturi:

1. Now, add the marinated fish to the mixture and stir well with a spoon so that mixture enters into the fish. Keep everything covered for 30 mins. 

2. Take medium sized banana leaves and fold each piece of fish, along with a little mustard paste and one whole green chilli, inside each banana leaf. 

The banana leaf should be folded in a square shape such that the mustard paste does not come out of the leaf while cooking. Tie the folded banana leaf with a thread such that the leaf does not come off while cooking. Make sure that the leaf doesn’t get torn while folding. 

If it gets torn then take a fresh leaf for folding. 

3. Repeat the same steps for each of the rest of the pieces of fish.

Cooking using gas oven:

1. Add 2 teaspoon mustard oil to a frying pan. Heat the oil well in medium to high flame. Spread the oil evenly over the frying pan surface. If you are using aluminium foil, skip this step.

2.Turn the flame to low or medium and start adding the fish folded in banana leaves one by one. You can fry four pieces at a time. 

3. Cover the pan and fry the added fish in low to medium flame for 5 minutes. Once one side gets fried, flip the banana leaves and fry the other side for 5 minutes after covering the pan. The flame is kept low to medium. 

High flame should be avoided because then the fish will not get cooked properly and the banana leaves will get burnt. 

4. Repeat this step a couple of times to make sure both sides of the banana leaf gets fried well. This repeated flipping and frying in low to medium flame ensures proper cooking of the fish and prevents the banana leaves from getting burnt.

Cooking using microwave oven:

1. Place fish folded in banana leaves in the steamer. Steam for 10 minutes.

2. Switch off heat and leave packets in the steamer for the juices to settle. In case fresh banana leaves are not readily available, the fish can be wrapped and steamed in kitchen foil.

Serving with steamed rice:

1. At the end of this process, the yummy bhetki macher paturi is ready to be served with hot plain steamed rice.